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You too should opt for the Slimdoo® Relax ring

RelaxLove your body

Do you want to learn and achieve something positive today? The Slimdoo® Relax ring could become your new ally in your personal journey to comfort. Need to unwind? Want to tone up your body? Magnets and copper have traditionally been used for generations to do just this! They possess certain advantageous properties to humans. There are no guarantees… but why not try to enjoy it all the same? The magnetic Slimdoo® Relax ring is ready and waiting. It also makes an amazingly original gift idea***

UnwindLose pounds

Magnets and copper were used in some ancient cultures, including India and China, long before westerners started to turn towards them for help. The combination of neodymium magnets and copper, an essential element in the development of all life, can invigorate certain internal energies, acting on the pulse points.***

Stay coolTone up

Slimdoo® Relax, the magnetic ring, is worn very easily whatever the occasion. Why be alone when facing everyday problems and unexpected events? If you’re looking for a useful and attractive accessory to gain some motivation and encourage you in terms of your well-being and weight loss goals, order yours now!***

Desired effects of wearing a copper and magnet ring:

Relaxation, letting go

Feeling free, eating better

Toning up in peace

Becoming more Zen

Losing those extra pounds

Make the right choice today

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